Before we start, the chap in the video below is not me. My daughter has only just turned 1. She is also getting back into a good sleep routine (letting her have a run around in the park really helps).

The video titles "One man's Saturday morning... for 3 months", is of a guy looking really tired and stressed out, with a very energetic young girl keeping herself entertained in the background. Obviously we don't know the story behind this video; is he is a lone dad struggling to cope (though I know it is just as plausible to be part of a couple and still struggle) or would just prefer to spend his Saturday mornings with a bit of peace and quiet after a busy week at work catching up on some sport.

I feel his pain, but also feel hers. Is it a bit cruel, she obviously needs more attention. I guess there are limits to how much any parent can give. Poor Bottlerocket and poor kid...

Mel wrote some tips on learning to relax, but I guess you need to be able to make the time.. easier said than done.

What do you think?

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