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In one of my previous posts that discussed an app to monitor you children's food intake or diaper changes etc, fellow Lifehacker commentator SmaženýSýr pointed me in the direction of another baby app called Wonder Weeks (also available on iOS). I had not heard of the app before but I thought I would check it out.


This app is quite different from baby connect, but has a few very interesting components. This app is not helping you monitor what your baby has eaten or when it last had its diaper changed, it is more about understanding behaviour and how this is likely to change at various points in your child's development, when will your baby will have a "sunny baby" or a "stormy day", and how you could respond.


As a Dad, I have been keen to get my daughter into a routine where she sleeps well (and my wife and I sleep well), where she eats a good amount and enjoys healthy food. In some ways, that is not a great deal to ask, and at a few select points over the last year we have got this down to an art. However, there are a bunch of other times (we are in one at the moment) where everything goes out of the window. There could be a number of reasons for this, and very often as a parent I tend to look to myself; what have I done differently, what have I done wrong... where did the wonderful routine go!

Well the wonder weeks app provides some really useful information (and assurance) about what might be going on. Based on the bestselling book, the wonder weeks app tracks you child's age and general behaviour and suggests when they may be approaching their next "developmental leap" and what the consequences of that might be on their sleep patterns or how they eat food. The app distinguishes fussy phase affecting sleep, clinginess, food etc. (which precedes the leap) and then the new skills they show after the leap (noting that these are not all immediate, they develop over time). There are also some good ideas on tips and tricks for helping your child bring out these new skills- some of these are games that you can use in daily life etc.


As ever, children are unique and there is always something going on with them – they don't make it easy. At the moment our daughter is doing through leap nine, "the world of principles". In practice this means my daughter is exploring the ways she can accomplish a goal, testing her body's capabilities, and deciding does she get what she wants by being sweet and nice or by crying. Whilst I think as parents we are responding well to her being sweet, there is a lot of crying when we are trying to lay down some ground rules.

So, all in all, this app does a good job of reassuring parents that it is not your child's changing behaviour is not necessarily your fault as such, and the chances are whatever you had done up to now, during this particular leap, you baby was always going to go off their food and be more interested in exploring and playing with it rather than eating it, or whatever else.


My daughter has her molars coming through, and has just had a triple set of immunisations. All this makes for an especially tricky time at home! At least you can look to the future a little more so you can be better prepared for what is next.

Melanie Pinola shared a nice little info graphic on raising a happy healthy family that is worth checking out.


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