Dadhacker - The Consequences of Self Control

I am taking the Dan Ariely on-line course on behavioural economics and one of the elements on the self control modules sounded like it needed to be shared on Hackerspace – the impact of self control on our lives. The course introduces research which indicates that self control, demonstrated as a young child, is an… » 4/13/14 5:19am 4/13/14 5:19am

Dadhacker - Does It Really Get THIS Bad??

Before we start, the chap in the video below is not me. My daughter has only just turned 1. She is also getting back into a good sleep routine (letting her have a run around in the park really helps). » 4/08/14 1:42pm 4/08/14 1:42pm

Dadhacker - ​Is There Such A Thing As An Essential Shopping List For A…

Looking back over my first year as a Dad, we spent a lot of cash on various baby paraphernalia. I thought it might be useful to take a look back through where we spent out money and consider what have been the really useful items, and which have been a waste of time. We did think really hard about the purchases we… » 3/30/14 2:15pm 3/30/14 2:15pm

Dadhacker - Are You Having A “Wonder Week”?

In one of my previous posts that discussed an app to monitor you children's food intake or diaper changes etc, fellow Lifehacker commentator SmaženýSýr pointed me in the direction of another baby app called Wonder Weeks (also available on iOS). I had not heard of the app before but I thought I would check it out. » 3/23/14 8:23am 3/23/14 8:23am

Dadhacker - Getting Creative With Controllers

Outside of my regular Dad duties, I still try to make some time to catch up with friends and game together online. One of my controllers was starting to get quite tatty, so I thought about picking up a new one. I don't know about you, but my default reaction is to head to Amazon for a replacement. The Sony or… » 3/17/14 5:30am 3/17/14 5:30am

Dadhacker - Helping You Hit the Kitchen!

Whilst I pride myself as being a hands on dad (outside of office hours that is), achieving anything particularly spectacular in the kitchen has never been one of my specialities. I made an effort in the past and did okay, largely when I was wooing my now wife (I may have overemphasized my cooking skills and my love of… » 3/10/14 6:35am 3/10/14 6:35am

Dadhacker - Help Maintaining Your Sanity With a Newborn

Just over a year ago, I had a major life changing experience; my first daughter was born. Whilst everyone told me just how major a life changing experience this would be, I didn't appreciate how big a deal until I got there. Free time? No chance. A whole load of additional tasks to keep her happy and healthy …? You… » 3/03/14 6:35am 3/03/14 6:35am

Dadhacker - Productivity at the Grocery Store!

I don't know how you split the chores up in your family, but one of mine, is doing the weekly grocery shop. There I was thinking chores would end when I left home! My recent addition to the family has taught me that is definitely not the case! Anyway, I had a cool tip that makes this simple, and saves both time and… » 2/24/14 1:16am 2/24/14 1:16am

Dadhacker - The Surprising Benefits of Exercise; it Will Make You Smile…

On Christmas eve last year, as my daughter's first birthday was fast approaching, it dawned on me just how quickly the last year had disappeared. I guess no surprise raising a child and working full time, but it did make me think about setting personal goals to ensure I consider what I want to achieve in the next year… » 2/08/14 2:52am 2/08/14 2:52am